Name Loman - Meaning of the Name

Name Loman - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Loman is a boy's name that comes from Celtic culture. "lou" and "man" mean respectively "light" and "thought". It's a rare name.


The current story does not retrace Loman celeste.

Nephew and disciple of St. Patrick, Saint Loman dedicated his life as a man to the evangelization of the Ves in Ireland. He was the first bishop of Trim at Meath. Port-Loman, a city belonging to the "Nugents" in Westmeath, takes its name from this character. His name is also spelled as "Lommán".

His character :

The Loman are wise, gentle and calm. They are posed, rather casaniers, but however like being surrounded by faithful friends.


Lomana, Lomani, Lommán ...

His party :

In honor of St. Loman, the Loman celebrate February 17.

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