Name Romuald - Meaning of origin

Name Romuald - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Germanic hrom, "fame", and waldan, "direct".


French singer-songwriter Romuald Figuier, French basketball coach Romuald Yernaux and French actor Romuald Joubé (1876-1949).

Saint Romuald was the son of the Duke of Ravel. He decided to join the orders after his father killed his cousin in a duel. He founded the Camaldoli Monastery in Tuscany. This is where the Camaldolese order was born.

His character :

From a very young age, Romuald is a creative with an overflowing imagination. He has a strong interest in art. As a child, he needs to take care because he wants to discover and understand everything that goes on around him. Observer and calm, he is also optimistic, which makes him a charming person to meet.


Romaldo, Rumold, Rommelt, Romualdo and Romul.

His party :

The Romuald are celebrated on June 19th.

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