Animal names: not so stupid!

Animal names: not so stupid!

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What name for your baby? And if you hunted ideas in the animal kingdom! From Leo the lion to Tokela the Indian fox, through Hermine or Wolf ... behind the etymology of all these names is hiding a big (or small) animal. We discover !

Karine Ancelet

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Animal names: not so stupid! (25 photos)

First Name: Cléandre


This charming masculine name means "lion" after its original Greek meaning. It's a rather rare name that you might like. He hides a voluntary spirit. It's up to you to choose your holiday date because it does not have one.

First names: Leo


King of the jungle, but also names since it is part of the list of names, here is Leo! From Latin "leo", which means lion, he also hides a true go-getter character. Also roar with pleasure with his derivatives Leon, Lenny, Lionel, Léonce, Leo.His party : November 10th.

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First names: Hermine


Want sweetness? From the germainirmin, very big, immense, majestic, the name Hermine evokes a small animal with the beautiful fur, so appreciated of the time of the kings. Side derivatives, Herminia, Erminia or Herminie are also ideas of names full of sweetness.His party :July 9th.

First Name: Colombe


Latincolumba, pigeon, dove ... this is a name that evokes peace. It is also the favorite bird of the Greek goddess of Aphrodite Love. Do you like your princess beautiful and sweet to you? You can also choose one of the derivatives, Paloma or Coloba. His birthday: December 31st.

First Name: Rajah


Ready to roar, here is Rajah, the tiger in Arabic. It also means the prince in Indian. This is also the name of the tiger of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin. Girl or boy, the two will go! In all, a rare name like the animal that carries it.

First Name: Björn


This Swedish name means "bear" in Old Norse (Germanic language spoken in Scandinavia at the time of the Vikings). A name that hides a proud and dreamy nature at a time. To celebrate August 20th.

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First Name: Léana


Here is a little lioness not so difficult to train! Derived from Anne and Leah, from the Latin "lea" which means lioness in Latin ... it is celebrated on March 22 with Léa or July 26 with Anne.

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First Name: Tokela


Looking for an idea? Tackle it! This is a Native American name for the most original boys, right? It means "fox" and may well be adept. No festive date known ... it's up to you to choose yours.

First names: Arielle


The lioness ... that's the meaning of Arielle in Hebrew. And do not be fooled by her sleepy look ... this little girl will have a fiery temperament. His party : October 1st.

First names: Wolf


Do not be afraid of the wolf! Latinlupus, wolf, here is a short name that is also sweet. He is Party July 29 for a saint bishop of Troyes who suffered the invasion of the warriors of Attila and saved the city by delivering himself as a hostage. Saint Loup is the boss of the shepherds., Funny not?

First Name: Kitty


Anglo-Saxon Diminutive Catherine, this cute name comes from the Greek "katharos" which means pure, it also means small cat or kitten in English. Your love may be something like "Hello Kitty, how are you today? ... but that does not stop her from being a pretty name, right? His party : November 25th.

First Name: Hayato


Want an original name for your little loulou? From Japanese "hayato", which means falcon, this beautiful Japanese name is also the name given to an ancient people in Japan, that of the "hawk-men". Sure that your little end will fly on its own very quickly! No party known, it's up to you to choose yours.

First Name: Colin


GaelicCailean, young child ... nothing to do with the fish of the same name. It is nevertheless a beautiful idea of ​​first name. Diminutive of Nicolas, heParty December 6th. And you can give it to a little princess to change Coline!

Pets names: Ronan


From the Irish "Ronan", the name Ronan means the young seal. Not very glam, but, hush, you will not say anything. It's a Celtic name and that's its main asset.His party :June 1st.

Pets names: Ursula


Ursula or Orso, the cubs are out with these names all from the Latin "ursus", bear. The very retro side of Ursule will seduce you perhaps for your blanket ...His party : October 21st

First Name: Aslan


Do you remember in the Chronicles of Narnia? Aslan is the lion in Turkish. hope your little end will be as good as the movie. His party : November 10 with Léa and Léon.

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First Name: Mélissa


From Greek "melissa", here is the little bee. It was the name of a nymph, daughter of the king of Crete, Mellisso, who raised Zeus, the king of the gods and feeds him with honey. His party : November 10th.

First Name: Bernhard


This name hides a "brave bear" because it comes from the Germanic terms "baro", bear, and "hart", brave. To celebrate August 20th.

First Name: Hafsa


This beautiful name means the little lioness in Arabic. It was the name of the 4th wife of the Prophet Muhammad. No festive date known ... choose yours.

First Name: Swan


For some, it comes from the wordswan, which means swan in English, for others it is also the Slavic form of the name Solenne. It's up to you ... it's as feminine as it is feminine. Also think about derivatives: Swann, Swanny, Swanie, Swane, Swana ... to give you wings.His party :September 25 with Solenne.

First names: Felix


Hello little cat? From the Latin felix, "happy, lucky", this retro name has nothing to do with the cat ... except the well-known one of the same name! His party : February 12th. Happy birthday Felix!

More info about Félix

First Name: Lenny


From the Latin "leo", the lion, a feline name for your kitten.His party : November 6th.

First Name: Martin


Latin "martinus", Mars, god of war. It also reminds us of the kingfisher ... A name with retro charm that you may like.His party : the 11th of November.

First Name: Bérangère


Feminine Berenger, this name with old charm comes from the Germanic Ber, "the bear", and gari, "the spear". It promises a little girl of character! To celebrate May 26th.

First Name: Shiraz


Mixed name, Shiraz means "lion" in Armenian. An original choice. It's up to you to choose your holiday date because it does not have one.

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