Boys' first names: dial!

Boys' first names: dial!

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Finish the compound names joining Jean to Claude or Pierre! Today, alliances are with Theo, Noah, Felix, Malo, Ronan ... We discover them. And, of course, the main interest of this type of names being to be composed ... to you to create yours!

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Boys' first names: dial! (20 photos)

Boys' first names: Léo-Paul


How to turn a chic retro name into a modern and trendy name? By phonetics, Leopold decomposes into Leo-Paul, who mixes two short names fashionable at the moment. Leo comes from Latin leo, "lion" and Paul from Latin paulus, "little" ... that's a pretty lion cub!

Boys' first names: Yann-Ael


A male compound 100% Breton: Yann is the form of Jean in Brittany and Ael means "angel".

Boys' first names: Louis-Gabriel


A male given name that includes two hits of the moment: the classic Louis and the biblical Gabriel. Louis comes from the old germain lods, "illustrates", and wig, "fighter". Gabriel is from Hebrew Gavar, "the force", and El "God". Gabriel thus translates as "God is my strength".

Boys' first names: Paul-Hugo

Paul Hugo

Two classic male names that meet, it gives a beautiful name. Paul comes from Latin paulus, "little", and Hugo of the Germanic hug, "intelligence". But that's not why your toddler will not be brilliant!

Boys' first names: Charles-Elie


It was in the 80's that the artist Charlélie Couture made known her pseudonym (contraction of the first names of her two grandfathers). Since then, it has also given way to a first name composed: Charles-Elie. Charles comes from the Germanic Karl, "virile, male" and Elijah from the Hebrew "eli", God.

More information about first name Charles-Elie

Boys' first names: Yan-Eric


... or Yann-Ric. Mix the Breton form of John (from the Hebrew "Yohanan", God has forgiven, God forgive) to the classical and Germanic Eric (from Aina, "one", and rik, "ruler") ... good idea.

Boys' first names: Théo-Paul

Theo Paul

An alternative to Leo Paul, more rare and less retro, choosing a close name, Theo, the Greek theos, "god". This composite name has a little literary side that pleases. And why not dare Teo-Paul.

Boys' first names: Tom-Eliott

Tom Elliott

Combining two names of Anglo-Saxon origin is also a nice way to stand out! Tom is the anglo-saxon diminutive of Thomas and Eliott, Anglo-Saxon too, finds its origin in Hebrew Eliyahu, translating as "God is Yave" or "The Lord is my God". Other variants: Tom-Elliott, Tom-Eliot.

Boys' first names: Théo-Tim


Is it the name Theotime (Greek: "theos", god, and "timê", honor) who inspired this compound? In any case, it's successful. Theo comes from Greek theos, "god", and Tim is a variant of Timothy, from Greek Timotheos, "He who honors God". We remain in the same spirit ... To try also Teo-Tim!

Boys' first names: Louis-Maël

Louis Mael

When the classic Louis meets a Breton name ... it gives a chef's name! Indeed, Louis comes from the former German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, and Mael Breton "mael" which means the prince, the leader.

Boys' first names: Tommy-Lee

Tommy Lee

A very Anglo-Saxon compound! Tommy is a derivative of Thomas, the Aramaic toma, "the twin". Lee, mixed first name, comes from the Latin leo, "the lion".

Boys' first names: Tom-Alexandre

Tom Alexander

A short, a long ... and here's an original name as we like them! The little Tom is Thomas's diminutive Anglo-Saxon and the great Alexander comes from the Greek alexein, meaning "to protect" and andros "man, warrior".

Boys' first names: Paul-Elie

Paul Elias

After Charles, it is Paul who gets married to Elie. Even shorter and more trendy now, the compound may well please. Another possibility Pierre-Elie.

Boys' first names: Louis-Félix


A classic meets a retro ... it gives a happy compound! Felix indeed comes from the Latin "felix", happy, lucky, and Louis, royal first name, from the old German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter.

Boys' first names: Jean-Noé

John Noah

We knew Jean-Noël, here is Jean-Noé! A compound of first names of Hebrew origin. John comes from Jehohanan, which means "God grants, God has given grace", and Noah, from noah, "rest".

Boys' first names: Jean-Maxime


Jean-Maxime has everything a big! Savant blend of Maxime from Latin maximus meaning "the greatest" and John from Hebrew yo-Hanan"God is merciful", he is both classic and original.

More information about first name Jean-Maxime

Boys' first names: Pierre-Axel


A name that blows hot and cold! Peter comes from Greece, from the word petros, "the rock", and Axel of Scandinavia where it is a derivative of the first name Absalon meaning "the father of peace".

Boys' first names: Pierre-Malo

Pierre Malo

At once classic and original, he mixes genres. A Greek origin for Peter (from petros, the rock), and a Breton for Malo (old Breton) march "the guarantee" and luh "the light"). It makes you want to go to the sea, right?

Boys' first names: Max-Paul

Max Paul

An amazing mix big + small. Max from Latin maximus, "the greatest", and Paul, from Latin paulus, "little" ... between them, they will make the balance and a baby to the height!

Boys' first names: Ronan-Luc


An original association ... marry the Irish Ronan (from the word ronan, "young seal") and the biblical Luke (from the Latin "lux", light).