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In the revolutionary calendar, we found Raisin or Currant. They have never "pushed" as first names, but others yes. Plum, Apple, Cherry ... some of the fruit names are only worn by a handful of children, but that's what could really appeal to you!

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First names of chewable fruits (15 photos)

First names: Clementine


Latin clementia, "kindness, clemency". This name comes from the citrus fruit created in 1902 by a learned botanist named Father Clément. It is the actress Clémentine Célarié who made her success. His party : March 21 with Clemence or October 5 with Fleur.
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Fruit names: Apple


... or Apple in French. Latin pomum, the fruit, it refers to the goddess Pomona, goddess of the Fruits in the Roman mythology. This is the name of the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin ... and it is far from being a forbidden name! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Given names: Cassis


Sometimes used as diminutive for the name Cassandra, here is an original idea. Unlike Currant, this name was not in the revolutionary calendar, but was able to make a place ... we understand! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

First names fruits: Tamara


A sweet name that comes from Hebrew thamar, The date. It's a name that we find in the Eastern countries, but also in England, the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. This is the name of the singer Shy'm, Tamara Marthe of her real name. His party : May, the 1st.
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Given names: Myrtille

Greek murtosmyrtle, this name is best known as Myrtle. In ancient Greece, this little sweet black berry, was the symbol of victory ... a good idea for your future fighter? His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Fruit names: Plum


A nice name for the apple of your eyes! Latin prunumPlum, like other fruit names, has been used as a given name since 1993, when it was accepted for registration. You can also think of Prunelle ... as the editor of Gaston Lagaffe! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Given names: Olivia


Much less rare than other names "fruits", Olivia is a much more attractive variant of Olive, first name used in France and England until the twentieth century. We all remember Popeye's wife! Olivia has more charm, like the singer Olivia Ruiz, one of the celebrities to wear it. His party : March 5th.
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Given names: Amanda


Nothing to do with almond ... it's a derivative of Amandine, from Latin amandus, which means who deserves to be loved. It's up to you to see if this name deserves it! His party : July 9th.

First names fruits: Cherry


Greek kerasio, designating the fruit of the cherry tree, here is a gourmet name that you can also use in its Anglo-Saxon form Cherry. His party : July 7 (19 Messidor in the Republican calendar).

Fruit names: Raspberry


They are not numerous, less than a hundred in France, but they exist since 2000. His party : with Fleur on October 5th, like many names of fruits or flowers, or why not with Françoise on March 9th?

Fruit names: Coco


Nobody forgets Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle! Coco is one of the first names from "brands" to appear. In the last century, it was also used as diminutive of Claude, so why not choose the same date of celebrationJune 6th?

Fruit names: Ena


Ena is the name of the almond fruit in Irish. A good idea that makes you crack? His party : June 25th.

Given names: Hazel

Hazel means hazelnut in English. This is the name of one of Julia Roberts' twins, Hazel Patricia. His party : with Fleur on October 5th.

Given names: Livie

... or Livia, here is another derivative of Olive that could seduce you. It's a name that goes up. His party : March 5th.

Fruit names: Vanilla


The fruit of vanilla has become a name since the 1990s. It remains original and could melt ... His party : October 5th with Fleur.