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Gourmet names for baby chewable

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Florentin, Sugar, Caroline, Mouna, Angélique, Honoré, Hazel ... some names are greedy! Fall for one of the gentle names of our selection for baby chew. There is one that will melt you!

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Gourmet Baby Names (24 pics)

Gourmet Names: Charlotte


A name and a name of dessert born in England in tribute to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III in the eighteenth century. Pudding made of biscuits with a spoon and a bavarois, it is garnished with fruit or cream center ... A delight! The name Charlotte, feminine of Charles, comes from the Germanic karl, "manly" and is celebrating July 17 ...

Gourmet names: Angélique


Derived from Angela, female Angel, who comes from the Greek eggelos, "the messenger". Angelica is also a plant used in pastry in the form of candied fruit to flavor and decorate cakes, including cakes Charente. It is also known in liquor. His birthday: January 27th.

Gourmet names: Madeleine


From the Hebrew Magdala, name of a village in Palestine, this name often refers to the sinner Marie la Magdaléenne. For gourmands, Madeleine Paulmier, a servant of the seventeenth century, owes us to the famous cake so dear to Proust and which evokes childhood. His birthday: July 22nd.

Gourmet names: Florentin


Latin "floretum", meaning flower garden. It's a name, of course, but also the name of small sweets made of dark chocolate and candied fruits and dry. His birthday: October 24th.

Gourmet names: Caroline


We enjoy this name derived from Charlotte, the germain karl, "manly", which is also a delicious cake made from sponge cake, small éclairs and cream chiffon ... His party: July 17

Gourmet names: Honoré


From Latin "honoratus", meaning rented, honored, this retro name gave the Saint-Honoré, a delicious cake made of cream puffs. His birthday: May 16 to celebrate Saint Honoré ... the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs.

Gourmet names: Mouna


In Arabic "mouna" means desire, wishes. In Algeria, it is the name of a dome or crown brioche, flavored with orange blossom, anise or rum, made especially around Easter. This sweet name has no known date, why not with Mona (another name given to this brioche) on August 27th?

Gourmet names: Hazel


We love this crunchy name! This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, the word "hazel" denotes hazelnut, also well known in pastry. His birthday: with Fleur on October 5th.

Gourmet names: Cinnamon


French invention, the name Cannelle is found nowhere else and seduce parents in search of originality. It comes from Latin cannula, little reed. Bark of a tree called cinnamon, cinnamon is very popular in cooking and is also used to flavor certain drinks. His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.

Gourmet Names: Perfect


A retro name that comes from Latin perfectus, perfect. It's also a delicious frozen dessert. His birthday: April 18th.

Gourmet names: Amandine


Latin amandus, meaning to love, who should be loved, a sweet name like the sweet almond cupcake that carries it. His birthday: July 9th.

Gourmet Names: Sugar


Albanian name, here is a sweet name that means sugar in English. It's the one chosen by Indian Canadian humorist Sugar Sammy, whose real name is Samir Khullar.

Gourmet names: Vanilla


A sweet name that comes from Latin vena, leads, vein. The Spaniards discovered the fruit of the plant named Vanilla in South America in the sixteenth century. In the eighteenth century, vanilla was the symbol of precious feminine sweetness. As a first name, it is more and more appreciated by parents, but remains an original choice. His birthday: October 5th.

Gourmet names: Hélène


Greek Hele, "brilliance, brilliance of the sun", this is a name that plays gourmand with pear Belle-Hélène. This dessert is named after the singer Hortense Schneider who played the main role in the operetta Offenbach La Belle Helene in the nineteenth century and for whom was created this delicious dessert pear-chocolate. His birthday: August 18th.

Gourmet names: Salambo


Too sweet that name! It was that of the goddess Astarte and it is also that of an oblong cabbage garnished with custard and covered with iced sugar and chopped pistachios.

Gourmet names: Suzette


Hebrew Shushan which name the lily, this name was that of the mistress of Edward VII, future king of England. Gourmand, he was served one day pancakes with tangerine butter and liquor Curacao. The chief asked permission to call this dessert of the beautiful who accompanied the king that day. The crepe Suzette was born! His birthday: August 11th.

Gourmet names: Praline


Almond wrapped in sugar ... this greed is also a name. It is that of the mother of Asterix! An original choice. No date of celebration known, so why not at the same time as Amandine July 9?

Gourmet names: Marguerite


A flower, yes ... but also a lemon scented dry cake in the shape of a daisy. Persian margiritis, "pearl", this name will go like a glove to your sweetness to you, right?

Gourmet Names: Alexandra


Feminine Alexandre, who comes from the Greek alexein, "defend", and andros, "the man, the warrior", Alexandra is a name, certainly, but it is also the name of a cake invented in tribute to the wife of King Edward VII, Alexandra of Denmark. Almonds, chocolate and apricots ... a dessert as greedy as this name. His birthday: March 20th.

Gourmet names: Lise


Yes, it's a dessert! First name in "ise" as gluttony ..., Lise comes from the Hebrew "Elisheba" translating not "God is fullness". It is also a brioche cake covered with sugar and perfumed with orange blossom that you can taste in Périgord ... Its feast: November 17th.

Gourmet names: Marcellin


Latin marcus, which means "consecrated to Mars, the Roman god of war, Marcellin is a sweet retro name.Do you think of cheese? Think also dessert because it is the name of a round cake made from short pastry, jam raspberry, almond powder and vanilla.Her party: April 6th.

Gourmet names: Candy


A sweet name ... from Latin candidus, it means "white" or "bright white". Candy is also the diminutive of Candide. His birthday: October 3rd.

Gourmet names: Marie-Louise

Marie Louise

A name doubly greedy ... dessert based on meringues, vanilla and grapes. Ideal if you are looking for a compound or retro name?

Gourmet names: Agathe


The breads of St. Agatha, you know? A Provencal recipe of buns that were baked on February 5 (feast date for St. Agatha) and were blessed during Mass. The name Agathe comes from the GreekAgathewhich means "good, brave". His birthday: February 5th.

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