Prevention of pedophilia: the English example

Prevention of pedophilia: the English example

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Following the murder of Laetitia in Pornic, the French law on recidivism is under fire from critics. In England, in 2000, a similar news item, the kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl by a pedophile, led to a new law: parents can now access the criminal record of professionals in contact with their child. (News of the 10/02/11)

  • In 2000England is shocked when it hears the murder of Sarah, an 8-year-old girl, abducted and killed by a pedophile 8 km from her home. The mobilization of relatives of the victim and the government then allows the establishment of a new law: the Sarah Law, aimed at better protecting children from their immediate surroundings.

Have access to the criminal record of the professor

  • The principle of this law, first set up in Southampton, home town of Sarah, then expanded to all England, relies on preventive denouncement: if parents have a doubt about their child's sports or dance teacher, they may inform the police station, which may either provide them with the criminal record of the professor in question or, if he has never been sentenced, conduct an inquiry into his past and his habits.

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