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Which activity of Wednesday to choose?

Which activity of Wednesday to choose?

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It's not always easy to find a sport or hobby to orient and where it will flourish ...

He is shy

  • Offer him activities that give him confidence : the pony (we learn to master a mount) or swimming (in the water, the body is light) ... Think of the visual arts that can express themselves other than speech.

He is turbulent

  • Choose preferably an activity where he will be able to spend his energyat the Multisport Club, for example, where children practice different disciplines. Swimming also relaxes the restless ones. But above all no pottery or sculpture ...

He is in the moon

  • Dreamy children are often creative. For him, body language or circus arts.

He is calm and lonely

  • Orient it towards a more "intellectual" activitylike music or theater and even fencing that will appeal to his attention and concentration skills.

Safia Amor with Etty Buzyn, psychotherapist.

Good to know

• Before any registration, a visit by the doctor's office to check that your child is fit for the sport.Do not register for more than one activity per week.Pay quarterlyat this age, one is "jack-of-all" and one must not force him to continue an activity which displeases him.Never refer to your offspring your own disappointed hopes : It's not because, you little girl, you dreamed of becoming a little rat of the Opera that your little girl has to put on spikes!

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