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What books to offer him?

What books to offer him?

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How do you find it among all the children's books that appear? Trust our selection. For toddlers, 2 albums to discover together, and, for older children, a selection of tales ...

From 4 years old: Pitchou

  • Pitchou is a small dog abandoned in a bag thrown into a river, from which he manages to escape. From then on, he runs, constantly, looking for someone who will warm his heart. But the dangers are great, both in forests and in the city. And friends are not always the ones we believe. However, at the end of his desperate race, a meeting will change his destiny. The so-called story with a word economy in a poetic text gives the child the space to dream. The beautiful illustrations, made of simple layers of torn paper, give life to the world of Pitchou with evidence. A very nice album.
  • By Sara, Rue du Monde, 17 €.
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From 5 years: The bird on the branch

  • At the edge of the album and the documentary, this beautiful and thick book, promises long and good times to share. Each double page is a week spent on the branch of a tree, there are 52, as in a real year. Over the course of the weeks, the seasons pass, and the birds parade, busy feeding, resting or singing ... Anne Crausaz offers here a magnificent book, with sumptuous images both delicate and with a faultless precision on each of volatile to discover. Yellowhammer, Song Thrush, Nightingale, Boreal Screamer ... an ode to the beauty and diversity of nature.
  • By Anne Crausaz, MeMo, 24 €.
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From 5 years: The best book to learn how to draw a cow

  • This book surprises first by its size, small and elongated. Then when you try to read it, because it opens at the top, forming a square. And when you discover the story ... you can not laugh at tears! Faithful to its title, it is a kind of guide to learn how to draw a cow. Except that this cow looks furiously like a crocodile! The text tries to remain serious, when the illustrations become more and more crazy. It's funny, crazy, nonsense, absolute happiness. This book has been awarded the 2015 Wizards Prize for first readings, given by specialized booksellers. Not surprising !
  • By Hélène Rice and Ronan Badel, Thierry Magnier, 12 €.
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Selection made by Yaël Eckert for the Parents & Enfants digital magazine

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