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Back to CM2: towards autonomy

Back to CM2: towards autonomy

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This last year of elementary school is important for your schoolboy. The CM2 will allow it to be even more autonomous and to gain momentum. He has to prove that he has all kinds of abilities to land well in college. Our advice to accompany him.

CM2: calm before the storm

  • Before being assaulted by the torments of the preadolescence, your child begins a year of relative psychic tranquility.
  • It's also the time of friends who become an essential pole of his life. The CM2 go to school band, taste in each other, have sartorial tastes and musical assertions.
  • You will feel that now your little homebody is very attracted by the outside, and more than ever by the activities of college students.

A last quarter tormented

  • In spring, the first pubertal signs often appear. These nascent hairs or small breasts that point, even discreetly, that's what destabilize!

CM2: how to accompany it?

  • This is his last year of primary school, you can not help but think about the 6th. You dread that your child is poorly prepared. Why ? It will be time to worry about it at the next school year!
  • Let him rather stock up on memories and self-confidence which will be very useful to him when he approaches the unknown land of the college. How? By hindering as little as possible his friendly and social life. He's invited to a friend's house? Why not !
  • From the first questions, reassure him about his changing body. Why not accompany him to the general practitioner for a small visit at the end of the year? A good way to show him that everything is normal and that he is well!

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