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Find the right auto device to travel

Find the right auto device to travel

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The safety of your toddler by car is paramount! For up to 9 months, your baby must be installed in a carrycot or a seat shell adapted to its size and weight. Which one to choose ? Our advice and our selection to travel with baby on board safely.


  • Recommended for fragile babies such as premature babies, it is used from birth to 9-10 kg and up to 70 cm (about 6 months).
  • If you have to travel more than two hours, specialists advise you to have your baby sleep well. It is positioned parallel to the seat with straps at the anchor points of the seat belts. Your baby is tied by the lap belt of the basket.
  • Practical side, the nacelle can serve as extra bed outside the car and pram-pram!

The shell seat

  • Intended for babies from 0 to 13 kg and up to 80 cm (about 15 months), it is fixed back to the road, at the back and front of the car, via the three-point belt of the vehicle or on an Isofix base.


  • Economical, this car seat group 0 + / 1, said combined, is used from birth in newborn position back to the road, then facing the road as soon as your baby reaches 9 kg and up to its 4 years old.

Council +

If you install the seat in the front, do not forget to deactivate the airbag system!


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