Your 4 good mood ideas for the new year

Your 4 good mood ideas for the new year

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Stop smoking, lose weight, change jobs ... just entered the new year as you are already setting new challenges. So if, next year, the best resolution was to enjoy beautiful and simple things within reach of you? Some tracks. (

1. Take example of your children!

  • You struggle to free yourself of time but your treasures, they do not deprive themselves. Because they know how to enjoy the good times, why not imitate them by imagining with them, by inventing a ritual to share with them, a space of reunion just for you and them.
  • No need for sophistication but simple things! Find yourself with your dear children around a beautiful decorated table and a special menu every Saturday afternoon or Sunday, opt for the chocolate cake made and tasted with family!
  • The most important thing is to not miss this appointment. Do not break this ritual which allows you to break the daily rhythm to share a privileged moment with those you love!

2. Take time just for you!

  • Make an appointment with yourself, it's good for morale. So you can of course go to the hairdresser, have dinner with your girlfriends, you get massaged but you can also just do nothing and ask yourself.
  • Give yourself 5 minutes a day without reading, phoning, listening to music ... doing absolutely nothing but letting your mind wander and especially without feeling guilty. Disconnect, it's perfect to recharge your batteries.
  • Try to book daily and whatever happens his sacred minutes leave to put them in your personal diary!

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