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First Name - Meaning and direction

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Meaning of the name:

Julius is a Latin name presumably related to the word "Jovialis" which means "Jupiter".


Julius Caesar or Julius Caesar, politician, writer and Roman general. He influenced the Roman Empire so much that he was deified long after his reign. He managed to be named dictator for life and was named emperor after his death.
Julius Axelrod, American biochemist laureate of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1970 for his work on neurotransmitters catecholamine.
Nicknamed the "father of the atomic bomb", Julius Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist specializing in nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and quantum mechanics. He directed the Manhattan Project.
Also known as Julius of Durostorum, Saint Julius the Veteran was a Roman soldier who converted to Christianity. Denounced by his comrades, the latter died as a martyr for refusing to deny his faith.

His character :

Julius is a pragmatic person. He prefers the concrete to the imaginary and conceives only realistic solutions to his problems. He often remains faithful to his ideas to the point of seeming inflexible. Although he is of a generous nature, Julius can be a real mule head when he firmly believes in something. Addicted to the competition, he only plays to win and makes every effort to achieve his goals.


Jules, Julien, Julio, Julie, Juliana, Juliano and Juliet.

His party :

The Julius are celebrated on May 27th. They are celebrated in honor of Saint Julius the Veteran.

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